Let me properly introduce myself. I am the founder of Zen Ramen and I started this business as a passion project to spread the message of positive body image and healthy eating through abundance and nourishment as opposed to dieting and restriction.

I started Zen Ramen as a protest against restrictive eating behaviours, because eating in abundance and without guilt was the tool that helped me recover from anxiety around food due to poor body image as a young adult . This shift in mentality was integral to my healing process.

Zen Ramen Nude Noodles are shirataki Noodles from Japan and has been eaten in Asia for hundreds of years, it is made from a root vegetable not a carbohydrate so is extremely low in calories (only 28 calories per serve), which means you can pretty much eat as much as you want without gaining weight. My mum brought them for me from overseas and I ate this as a staple in my diet as I knew I wouldn’t need to restrict my intake. They were the perfect base for delicious pasta dishes, stirfries or noodle soups and continue to be a regular part of my diet to this day.

Traditionally, shirataki noodles are stored in a liquid to maintain its shape and can also be crunchy in texture, making it undesirable to Western palates. However, after much research and development I discovered an innovative dry-packed Shirataki noodle from Japan that retains all the health benefits of traditional Shirataki and has the taste and 'al dente' texture of its high carb cousins, so you can indeed have your noodle and eat it too!