Growing up in Sydney, Shirataki noodles have always been part of my traditional Asian diet. My mum used it regularly as a healthier, low carb, high fibre substitute for wheat noodles. Over the years I started to gain a passion for healthy living and clean eating, and with an increasingly busy career and social life, Shirataki noodles became a go to staple in my pantry for a quick, delicious, filling and healthy meal.

I was surprised to find that many of my colleagues and friends were unaware of the health benefits of Shirataki. So I made it my mission to share the Shirataki secret, and thus Zen Ramen was born.

Shirataki noodles are traditionally stored in a smelly liquid to maintain its shape and can also be crunchy in texture, making it undesirable to Western palates. However, after much research and development I discovered an innovative dry-packed Shirataki noodle from Japan that retains all the health benefits of Shirataki and has the taste and 'al dente' texture of its high carb cousins, so you can indeed have your noodle and eat it too!